Malaysia is truly Asia

This trip to Malaysia was last March, so basically 9 months ago.  I did not have the luxury of time to write about it and took me quiet a while to remember everything that happened, time, places, food and etc. 

Moving on, and as usual, I travelled with friends.

Our flight was 1pm of March 25 from NAIA Terminal 4 via Cebu Pacific. We arrived at KLIA after more than 3 hours flight.  After we went to the immigration process, we hopped to a bus going to Kuala Lumpur. I forgot about the fare anymore. We dropped the hotel, dined out and rest the day.

This is peking something..with sweet sauce. I forgot. It costed around Php150.00 with drinks.
Day 1

Petronas Tower

Everybody wants a picture in Petronas. I forgot about the transportation but we rode train to Petronas Tower.

In the afternoon, we decided to go to Genting Highlands.

We reached Genting highlands by riding the cable car. It was my first time to ride a cable car and had that funny jumpy feeling.

Visited  the Genting Strawberry Farm

And the Lavender Garden.. with no lavenders. 😂

Day 2


We had a lot whole mishap going to Johor Bahru. Great experience though.

To be ready for the day, we ate breakfast at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Bread, sausage, eggs, pork and beans with hot coffee for boost!
We travelled 11am, acted as fools at the terminal waiting for buses ehile we could have hailed taxi going straight to Legoland instead. Finally arrived at Legoland 5pm, 2 hours before the closing time. So funny that I don’t want to remember it anymore. Anyhow, we made use of the 2hours left in the best way that we could. We took endless photos and were able to circled the theme park in just 2hours, but it was tiring. 
I would say bus routes to Legoland is really horrible. I would suggest you ride a taxi from the terminal to Legoland and vice-versa to save your time. For tourists, pack and leave KL early if you want to go to Legoland.

We left Johor Bahru 8.30pm and arrived at BTS around 1am. Luckily, we have catched the last trip of airport train to KL. We arrived at the hotel exhausted and hungry at 2am.

Our Legoland trip was a flop. I might do it right next time. I will come back to Legoland for sure. I missed the rides!


Lessons I learned from my Hong Kong – Macau 3-day trip

Exploring Hong Kong is for young travelers. Being one of the top destinations among Asian countries, Hong Kong is the gateway to international travels.

I had a chance to start my international travel in Hong Kong early June 2015. Traveling with friends is always like a breath of air.I love traveling with them because it makes the journey light and fun.

Tickets was not really on promo, but we could have availed cheaper rates if we have booked ahead of time. Anyway, Lesson No. 1 The best time to book a flight was 6 months ago. The second best time is now.

I could hardly remember specific details on our trip like fares, food we ate, places and mishaps but I will try my best to give you at least a glimpse of our little adventure last year.

Departed NAIA June 11, 2015 at 4 pm via Cebu Pacific, our airline of choice of course. Two of our friends are already in Hong Kong waiting for the 3 of us left in the same flight. My first time to fly internationally was great. I passed immigration swiftly. Arrived at HKG International Airport late afternoon, ride airport train to Tsim Tsa Tsui. We have chosen this district it is closer to Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, Science Museum and the shopping centers.


Day 1

Avenue of Stars at night. HKG at night is spectacular. We missed A Symphony of Lights show though.




We went to Victoria Harbour straight from the airport. We had our picture taken, had dinner with another 2 high school classmates who works in HKG. We arrived at the hotel around 9pm. Just right to take the rest of the day in our bed. I forgot the hotel name where we stayed. It was nice and clean but the passage is a little scary. The elevator is scary too. I will get a more nice hotel when I’ll get back to HKG in the future.LOL

(insert pic)

Day 2 – AM

We ride The Tram and visited the Victoria Peak.

(insert pic)

Day 2 – PM

We entered the magical world & meet Disney characters at Disneyland. Disneyland unleashed my inner child. I couldn’t be more happy visiting Disneyland. I met Pooh and Mickey Mouse, my favorite Disney characters. I cried watching the afternoon parade and left me amazed by the fireworks. It made my dream come true. I was also proud when I learned a lot of Filipino artists and entertainers are working in Disneyland HKG. I could really feel the warmth of our Kababayan calling us from afar because they knew by looks that we are Filipinos. It left a smile on our faces. One of my happiest day on earth is spending an afternoon and night at Disneyland.


Disneyland dream come true!






Lesson No. 2 Bring extra clothes and bottle of water.

Day 3


I learned during our travel that Macau is consists of the peninsula Macau as well as two islands, Taipa and Coloane, connected to Macau by bridges.


Visited casinos in the morning.


Grand Lisboa


Wynn Hotel

Spent our afternoon at Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul. We walked a lot, as in a whole lot of walking.


Ruins of St. Paul



Macau is glorious at night. The city is dancing in lights. Glowing spheres of lights covered the city buildings and casinos. Known as the casino capital of Asia, Macau indeed is marvelous.

The Venetian Macau, the largest casino in the world.


The magnificent interior of The Venetian Macau


Went back to the hotel exhausted.

This was the longest walk in my life. We walked a mile around the Venetian Macau. We did not know where to go. We failed to research in this part. Lesson No. 3  Plan where you want to go.


Pictures to follow..